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CRC and WIN Energy REMC to Address Security Protocol for On-Site Office Threats at TechAdvantage Presentation

Make sure to attend an important 30-minute presentation by CRC and WIN Energy REMC at the March 2019 TechAdvantage Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida, that will focus on promoting the best practices of utility companies that proactively plan for on-site (violent) threats . The presentation is part of the NRECA's Technovation series. Mark Colton, CRC's alarm monitoring business manager, and Jeff Newman, WIN Energy REMC's IT administrator, will co-host the presentation. WIN Energy REMC is a 16,500 meter distribution cooperative located in Vincennes, Indiana.

The possibility of an active threat increases in business offices that take cash payments and provide in-person customer service. Utility employees can be easy targets for disgruntled or mentally ill customers that may be paying a bill or receiving service in person at the utility office. Learn how actively planning and communicating can make a practical difference during a potentially untenable situation.

During this co-presentation you'll learn what WIN Energy REMC and other CRC members are doing to prepare for active threats, including using a mass notification system to alert all utility employees of potential danger. CRC operates a UL-listed alarm monitoring center and uses state-of-the-art software and communication technology to alert utility employees of an alarmed threat. A robust but simple panic alarm system combined with a mass notification email and text message alert employees of the threat.

Attending this presentation will highlight the following information:
• How an active panic alarm system can benefit your utility operation
• How to create a communication plan that can be incorporated into regular safety training meetings
• Drills that utility offices can train on and perform to ensure best practice communication protocols are followed during an active threat event
• How communicating your active threat plan with police authorities can enhance utility security operation


Organizing Chaos: Proactively Planning Utility Security Protocol Regarding On-Site Threats
Tuesday, March 12, 2019 | 2:45 p.m. | TechPark | TechAdvtange 2019

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