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CRC Achieves PCI Compliance

Processing member credit card payments while retaining the privacy required by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) has been a challenge for many electric utilities. To date, the solution most organizations use to maintain PCI DSS compliance is to complete all credit card transactions using an interactive voice response (IVR) system. Although a viable solution for some utilities, those organizations that pride themselves on service excellence have found the IVR choice to be less than desirable.

CRC recently achieved compliance with PCI DSS requirements for handling credit card payments. CRC’s solution, however, offers live-agent call handling for the entirety of the transaction while recording calls for quality monitoring purposes.

Late last year, CRC began installing a device designed by CallGuard on each agent’s workstation. The CallGuard device enables our agents to retain 100% contact with the caller while offering a secure method of communicating credit card data. The CallGuard product also offers CRC the ability to record all calls without jeopardizing security in the call recording – recordings do not contain card data.

“CRC has always taken the privacy and security of each caller’s credit card and other personal information seriously,” explained Chris Holt, CRC’s president and CEO. “Achieving PCI DSS compliance cements this practice and gives our membership the peace of mind that their callers who want to speak with an agent receive the best care possible.”

For more information about CRC’s PCI compliant solution or other CRC services, contact CRC at 800-892-1578.

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CRC offers utilities across the country seamless contact center and alarm monitoring solutions, including call management, line crew dispatch, AMI/CIS/OMS integration, CRCLink® outage communication software, and alarm monitoring. CRC also offers outage texting services, video monitoring of substations and a PCI compliance solution which utilizes live agents for recorded billing calls. From outage calls to billing calls, disconnects to emergency locates and more, CRC is there for its membership 24/7/365. By partnering with CRC, members find peace of mind as well as a cost-effective solution to their call handling needs. Founded in 1992, CRC has steadily increased the size and scope of its operation with offices in Austin, Minn., Dunlap, Tenn., and Abilene, Texas. CRC serves over 380 members and associate members in 44 states, representing over 6.7 million consumers. Visit CRC on the web at

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