At CRC, we're committed to seamless integration with utility technologies and exchanging real-time data with people and systems at the most critical times. CRC hosts CRCLink®, a proprietary software centered on call handling, managing outage events, and dispatching crews. Whether it is used as an installed software at the utility, as a web-accessible application, or simply as the driver of web-service interfaces, CRCLink functions as the nerve system of CRC's operation.

MultiSpeak® integration allows CRCLink to push and pull valuable data from customer information systems, metering systems, and outage management systems giving CRC's personnel all the tools they need to manage events as if they were at the utility. In scenarios where these advanced technologies don't yet play a role, CRCLink fills the gap by serving as the utility's stand-alone outage communication platform. Whether used as an application or an interface, CRC is committed to continuous development of CRCLink as it adapts to the changing landscape of utility technology.

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