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We provide Customer Contact and Dispatch Center and Central Station Alarm Monitoring solutions for electric utilities that reflect our members' desire for dependable any time, whenever needed. For over 30 years, CRC has merged the benefits of personalized services with the efficiencies provided by technologically advanced computer and telephony systems. At CRC, we pride ourselves on Focusing on the Human Side of Technology®.

Focusing on the Human Side of Technology means more than having live agents answer the phone. At CRC, it’s about finding ways to share our 24/7 call and alarm handling, as well as dispatch technologies, with those who need it most. If something unexpected happens, CRC can help with just a flip of a switch. A major outage event, equipment failure, severe weather; these are just a few of the times when our customers have needed us most. The flexibility to handle calls and dispatch, with the reliability of knowing your consumers are well taken care of. That's the service you can count on with CRC.

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