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We've built our business around being available to your members 24/7/365. At CRC our team of customer service representatives (CSRs) are ready to help your business focus on taking care of your customers. Whether it's the uncertainty of weather events, taking outage calls, billing or disconnects, or being available on weekends and holidays, one thing is certain: your customers are our business.

When our CSRs complete an outage call, it isn't the end — it's just the beginning. Our team of dedicated dispatchers coordinate the information to manage your outage event, all while our CSRs continue to take your outage calls. What's more, our dispatchers are experienced in navigating the complexities of line crewassembly, dispatching and most importantly safety, with continued communication and efficiency. With CRC, you have piece of mind knowing your consumers and crews are in good hands so you can focus on getting the lights back on.

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State-of-the-Art Information Technology means better service for you and your customers. Because of CRC's extensive investment in technology, its members and customers are able to utilize the most sophisticated information technology and telecommunications systems and services, without separately having to incur substantial capital equipment expenses and hire and retain hard-to-find information services professionals. Key to CRC's ability to provide better customer service is automatic call distribution, computer-telephone integration and automatic number, which allows CRC to immediately identify callers and route them to the right customer service representative (CSR). And, an integrated Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) provides verbal prompts and custom messages and greetings to callers, and interfaces with customer data.

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