Additional Services

Automated Callback Restoral Feature
Set up an automated callback to be sent to your consumers upon service restoral to their electric outage.

Dynamic Greetings
Although CRC strives to answer every call with an agent, technology is used during times of high call volume to expedite service for callers. When a utility experiences an influx of calls, instead of those calls getting blocked or placed on hold until a CSR is available to assist them, dynamic greetings come into play and gives each caller unique information specific to them, versus a standard utility message, assisting in completing the call quickly and efficiently all while keeping the customer informed.

PCI Compliance
Providing excellence service with live agents while protecting your customer's personal information is possible and easier than you think. CRC has achieved PCI compliance and provides member security solutions ensuring the utmost protection when taking payments over the phone.

Phone Notification System (PNS)
Automated pre-recorded messages are sent out simultaneously to unlimited consumers with any customizable message.

Outbound Surveys
Conduct live or automated product or service satisfaction surveys, purchase follow-ups, and more!

Consumer Notifications & Outage Texting
With today's technology, your customers expect information instantly. Be ahead of the game, let them know their power is out with a notification before they even call to report it. CRC continues to evolve with today's trends and wants to make your work easier while keeping your customers happy!

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