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As the price of copper continues to climb, metal thefts have jumped nearly 1,000% over the past ten years. Managing an unexpected copper theft creates the potential for loss of life to utility employees, loss of revenue to generation, transmission and distribution utilities – and service impairment to consumers. With CRC’s video verification monitoring products and services, you’ll find an affordable theft prevention solution. Our video verification services will not only provide you with video of the theft taking place but also real-time apprehensions, not reruns on a DVR. Our operators are immediately notified of an attempted theft in progress and will dispatch proper authorities of a real “crime in progress” instead of a false alarm. Just one deterred theft pays for the entire system and you have peace of mind knowing that future thieves will be stopped in their tracks.

CRC has partnered with I2C Technologies to deliver advanced portable video surveillance with real-time response. I2C’s VX400 (pictured to the right) offers the most advanced video surveillance protection for power substations on the market today. An advanced IP Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) camera is hidden inside the VX400 housing and has motion sensors that detect movement causing the camera to react automatically, providing a clear, optically zoomed video image of the intruder. When the intrusion occurs, CRC staff will immediately be alerted. We will verify the alarm and dispatch proper authorities; dramatically increasing the odds of capturing the thieves in the act.

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