Member Testimonials

“CRC has proven to be a great fit for Marshall County REMC. From the very beginning, their implementation team took a genuine interest in getting it right and learning "how we do things". They have continued to prove that same level of interest, making sure that our needs were taken care and when necessary their processes changed and improved as we have worked together. I frequently hear comments from our Operations Dept. like: ‘how did we do this before CRC,’ or ‘now I can do my job and let CRC handle the calls.’ We have the same kind of positive comments from our Administrative Dept.: ‘I'm getting all my messages now’ or ’when I come in, I know what happened and can get right to work on my part of the work flow.’ Thanks, CRC for being a great Cooperative Partner.”
- Mark Batman
  Marshall County REMC, IN

“CRC has been a great asset to OEC. We have 24/7 dispatching on site but can only handle a limited number of incoming phone calls after hours. CRC is there to handle the rest. When we have a major event (which is all too often here in the heart of "Tornado Alley"), we send our after-hour calls to CRC. This is a win-win situation for OEC as it enables our control room operators to focus on the chaotic task at hand but still gives our members the ability to report their outage...most of the time to a customer service specialist as opposed to an automated system. Without CRC, many members would get a busy signal since we do not have the infrastructure nor personnel to handle that type of call volume. Perhaps the best part is outstanding service. Most members do not realize they are talking with someone from an off-site call center. CRC represents OEC in a very professional and "cooperative" manner. I highly recommend them.”
- Patrick Grace
  Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, OK

“The difference is night and day. It used to be that when a storm hit after hours, the co-op would be inundated with calls overwhelming our dispatchers. We found that working with CRC we can get our calls answered quickly and efficiently, freeing up our dispatchers to work with our line crews. Partnering with CRC makes the process of reporting an outage a positive experience for our members and CRC’s staff is very efficient in making sure we get the information we need, flagging important information such as calls from the 911 center or information about downed power lines; we don’t have to worry about missing any of that information. CRC truly serves as an extension of our office.”
- Greg Henley & Menford Gandy
  Lyntegar Electric Cooperative, TX

“While we did a pretty good job managing our outages using our former after-hour dispatch center, moving to CRC some three years ago has made all the difference in the world for us, and our members. The folks at CRC are courteous, competent and treat our members like we do…with the utmost respect, care and professionalism and that, is what it’s all about. Lane Electric has integrated CRC’s ability to manage large volumes of calls, with our Outage Management System and our real-time updates on our web site, so our members have the latest, most up to date information when it matters most. Outages are no fun! CRC is a key player in making sure our members know what’s going with our restoral efforts and we appreciate everything they bring to the table for us.”
- Dave D’Avanzo
  Lane Electric Co-op, OR

“Sussex Rural Electric Cooperative has been using CRC since 1998. We have certainly put the system to the test over the past two years, as our service territory was hit with Hurricane Irene in 2011, an October snowstorm that dumped 15" of snow two months after Irene, and then Hurricane Sandy this past October. In all three events, for a period of time, we had all 12,000 members without power. Each of these storms was unprecedented for SREC, and the levels of call volume from our members reporting outages, emergencies, and other information were unprecedented as well. CRC passed the test each time! The CRC CSR's and dispatchers worked extremely well with our staff in the office, understanding what we were doing to restore power and helping get that information out to our members as they called in looking for updates or reporting new situations. We constantly used CRC to change the recorded greeting that met our callers, giving members refreshed updates about power restoration. While each of those storms were highly stressful situations to SREC and its members, we received high marks from our membership on our restoration effort each time. CRC played a large role in helping us keep our members informed and getting them restored.”
- Chris Reese
  Sussex Rural Electric Cooperative Inc., NJ

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