A History of Service.  A Heritage of Success.

Since its founding in 1992, CRC has helped define the accessibility of after-hours service in the utility industry. Starting first as a Central Station alarm monitoring service, CRC quickly expanded its operations to include call handling and line crew dispatch. As demand for these unique, specialized services grew, CRC began partnering with cooperatives throughout the United States

Due to growth, CRC introduced its proprietary outage communication software, CRCLink®, and in 2001 a second contact center was added in Dunlap, Tennessee, to serve the southern United States. In 2011, CRC's Central Station added to its Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) listing, receiving the CSAA Five Diamond certification. CRC also unveiled a new era of service with the addition of its contact center in Abilene, Texas offering bilingual contact center services. And, in 2012, CRC's Central Station started offering video verification monitoring for theft prevention and asset protection.

Continued innovation is something CRC's members can always count on. In 2017, CRC announced a new service, Consumer Notifications, which allows for the proactive notification of outages as they occur to consumers who signed up for the service. Through integrations with the major OMS systems in conjunction with its own proprietary software CRCLink, CRC has the capability to send notifications to consumers via text telling them we're aware of the outage and that crews have been dispatched. In 2018, CRC used this same capability to provide inbound callers with this information via a customized dynamic greeting. Just more innovative services from CRC.

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